June 11-12, 2021

Love. Laugh. Learn.

Friday June 11, 2021
1:00pm Registration and Fellowship (outside)
1:30pm Welcome & Introduction (Auditorium)
2:00pm CINDY COLLEY No Greater Joy: Why Homeschooling is Worth It
3:00pm MANDY LOVETT LAUGH: How to handle the mess: Better to Laugh than Cry!
4:00pm Brotherhood spotlight: Info about Materials for Sale
4:30pm Break
5:00pm 15 minutes of wisdom Panel:
*(LOVE) Keepers and Providers: You can raise ‘em! (Cindy)
*(LAUGH) Best Laid Plans: Salvaging a mess of a day (Mandy)
*(LEARN) The Best Books/Websites for my school year were…. (Chelli)
5:45pm Door prizes (pre-drawn)
6:00pm Dinner on the grounds (Small Group Photos)
7:00pm Choose your session:

  1. CHELLI GUTHRIE LEARN: Elementary Mathematics: Mistakes and Milestones
  2. LAURA JENKINS (pre-recorded) LEARN: Child Development: Adolescent Years
  3. CINDY COLLEY LEARN: New to Homeschooling Q&A

8:00pm LAUGH: Laughter is the Best Medicine! Social Activity
9:00pm Backyard Singing/Short Devo/Prayer

Saturday, June 12, 2021
9:00am Welcome! On time door prize!
9:15am Wisdom Panel: Four speakers have 10 minutes each to share: “What I Wish I Would Have Done Sooner!”
10:00am MANDY LOVETT: LOVE: Love Your God with All Your Heart: A Homeschool Mom’s Prayer Life
11:00am Choose your session:

CHELLI GUTHRIE LEARN: Middle/High Mathematics: Mistakes and Milestones
VICKY YOCUM LEARN: Mama’s Study Time: The Benefits of Scripture Writing

11:45am CINDY COLLEY LOVE: Lesson Plans for a Meaningful Marriage
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Door prizes (pre-drawn)
1:45pm Choose your session

  1. TONJA MCRADY LOVE: Loving your child sometimes means getting help (counseling, tutoring, testing, adjustments, mentors, etc): Tonja will serve
    as a moderator of this Group Discussion
  2. CELINE SPARKS LAUGH: Why YES I Can Absolutely Use That in My Homeschool! (Using humor and object lessons to teach kids in various
  3. MANDY LOVETT LEARN: How Does the Lord Feel About Dancing? How Can I Easily Teach This to My Children?
  4. CINDY COLLEY LEARN: Cindy available for informal Q&A (not limited to Newbies)

2:30pm Break
2:45pm CHELLIE GUTHRIE Final Challenge: Proverbs 16:20
3:30pm Wrap Up, COCHE 2022, Dismissal prayer
5:00pm Doors close