What do I wear?

The dress for the weekend is casual! Please come in your comfortable jeans or skirts and comfy shirts! If you have chosen to purchase at 2018 COCHE T-shirt, sisters wear those on Saturday for a group photo. Many times we attend functions and are worried about the dress code and packing just the right things. Please use your time away in this Mom’s Retreat to be relaxed and don’t stress about dressing up! Speakers may also wear jeans and T-shirts or whatever they are most comfortable in for the weekend.

Can I bring curriculum to sell?

We would love for you to bring curriculum to share with other moms! Any curriculum you bring to sell needs to be marked with your name and the price. Buyers will find you at the event and pay you for your items. Please know moms may not be bringing large amounts of cash and ask you if personal checks are okay. Any item you bring to give away needs to be marked “Free” and all items remaining Sat at the close of the retreat need to be taken home. We hope you can benefit from this service by other homeschool moms!

Can I bring my husband and kids?

No. We are sorry but this retreat is intended for moms only. Due to the private nature of sharing together, the fact that we will be teaching, singing, praying and leading, no males are allowed to attend the COCHE Retreat. In addition, no children may attend the event with the exception of nursing babies up to one year old. We do not have childcare provided and the focus of this particular event is helping moms learn from other moms.

Things to Remember

Dress for the weekend is casual! Come and be comfortable and please make yourselves at home!

If you purchase a COCHE Tshirt, please wear it Saturday! We will hand these out on arrival Friday night. Easy wardrobe means a great group photo!

This event is for Moms only. No husbands or children please. Nursing infant in arms welcome.

Dinner Friday night will be a BBQ and sides meal. Breakfast is provided at hotels. Lunch Saturday is provided by organizers and will be variety of soups and sandwiches.

Thursday night early bird session: 6-9ish pm
Friday Open House at Local Homeschool Bookstore : 11am-3pm
Retreat begins: 5pm Friday
Saturday: 9am-4:30pm

Used Homeschool Curriculum Bookstore Location:

Karen’s Kurriculum Korner (store on one side of her house)
6400 Clore Lane
Crestwood, KY 40014